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8 Complaints



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Tanmay Cash Medical ………………… This is a valid truth that particular gropus of Officers / officials are availing out of turn medical facilities from PTCL Dispensaries, well-reputed Doctors and Hospitals but, majority of general PTCL employees, particularly of remote or rural areas (a real work force) are deprived of from true medical facilities because of the reasons :-•Have to spent more fare than the medicine given to them at PTCL Dispensaries.•Prescribed / Required medicines are mostly not available at PTCL Dispensaries.•Pannel Hospitals & Doctors claim exaggerated and A-One category charges, which are “intriguingly” verified by PTCL Doctors, but actually treated with PTCL patients like baggers .•In some time the Pannel Hospitals / Doctors get cash from PTCL Employees on various pretends then also claim from PTCL as well(double game). Complaints of Effected employees, in this regard, are brushed aside, but amazing to say that the suspicious claims of the Pannel Hospitals / Doctors are verified, sanctioned and paid to them without giving due attention towards distinctive mal-practice of the Pannel Hospitals / Doctors. On the other hand genuine re-imbursement claims of the employees are saliently accepted thus rejected putting them upon hamstring objections.•There is no parameter to have discreet check of “actual entitles” at Pannel Hospitals. Most of the Doctors and Pannel Hospitals also want to have Mal-practice of all medical facilities for “Non-Entitled / Out-siders” through some miscreant Employees, is also a depriving factor for the Entitled employees too. This is also a great loss both to PTCL and deserving employees. • It is, therefore, submitted that Only “chronic” patients are to be allowed for medical treatment on PTCL expenses. “General” medical facilities i.e of “medicines and local Consultancy” being extended through PTCL Dispensaries, is to be converted into a fixed “cash medical” for each employee with their salaries to avoid wastage of expenditure being incurred on PTCL Dispensary Doctors, POL, Staff, Offices, electricity, equipment etc. I assure that not only a good cash medical allowance could be given to each employee, but also millions of rupees, will save for PTCL in just current budget being allocated/released for PTCL Dispensaries, medicines, local consultancies etc. and majority of deprived/general employees will well-come this judicial decision too.“Helloptcl & PTEU ” may please to collect more facts in this regard and submit to PTCL Competent Authorities to plz fix Cash medical in place of general treatment in the interest of all employees. Deprived Group


Arthur Perez Calls me repeatedly. No idea what they want.


Anonymous Calls on most of our company phone lines. I find it really annoying and they go away only to call us again and again.


Donald Lopez I get calls from these people all the time. It's always the same phone number. I dont really know what to do beyond reporting them to the government.


Anonymous I dont like these people. I think they're raising money for some sort of politician. Anyway, they need to stop calling me.

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