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Automatically Block Phone Solicitors

firefox is Australia's only web site offering easy-to-use interfaces for checking a phone number aginst our database. We are currently working on simple scripts for automating this process with the various PBX systems that are out there, including Asterisk and other SIP/VOIP-based products.

Our interface is REST-based and incredibly simple to use. Simply access the following URL:

The result will be a score between 0 and 100 which indicates the likelihood that the phone number entered is a telemarketer or phone solicitor. You can then program your telephony system to reject the call at a level of certainty that makes you comfortable. Our recommended setting is 50.

We encourage our users to let their phone provider know about this service. Several VOIP providers are already blocking marketing calls using the interface, and we hope to add others in the future.

Scripts currently available:

  • Asterisk PBX - The world's most popular open-source PBX now has a script to automatically block phone solicitors.

Don't use a PBX? If you use a VOIP phone, your provider probably does. Let them know about! They are welcome to join the growing ranks of those who use our list to screen phone calls.